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Garden Maintenance, vibrant-gardens can regularly come to your garden and carry out a routine maintenance service including lawn mowing, weeding, pruning, leaf removal, hedge trimming and litter removal.

Lawn Care,  we can carry out every operation on your lawn including seeding, turfing, weed removal, moss removal, fertilizer application, top dressing and drainage.

Lawn Mowing, which would include the edges trimmed and strimming if needed with regular visits throughout the growing months can be arranged.

Garden Clearance, wether you have bought a new house, let the garden grow just that little too much, or feel like a complete change, we can come and do it for you.

Hedge Trimming, no matter the shape, size or species, if you have a hedge, we can trim it.

Border Cultivation, from just giving the soil a tickle, to soil conditioning and the supply and application of composted mulch, its not a problem.

Planting, trees and shrubs, autumn and spring bulbs, summer and winter bedding, any season, any plant, we've got it covered.

Grounds Maintenance, if you have a block of flats, or rent out houses, we are happy to set up a maintenance contract to keep your grounds around your site attractive and tidy.

Storm Damage, whatever has happened in your garden from our Great British weather, give us a call, we can be there to put it right.

Fencing, repairs, or a whole new boundary, we're up for it.

Holiday maintenance, off on hols and want to look as if you are there?? We can visit, cut the grass and perform other duties so the garden does not get overgrown.